Kate and Liam's wedding in Kimpton

August 02, 2014  •  2 Comments

Kate met Liam in a bar almost exactly two years ago. It became obvious within a few weeks that here was someone pretty special - the big, handsome manly guy we all dream of - who sees us for who we are, flaws and all, and adores us anyway. So they hung out a bit. Then a lot. Then they moved in together (nice place!)... then one day a few months later Liam overcame a most gigantic hangover (he can tell that story) and whisked his lovely lady off for a posh minibreak... and put some BLING on her finger!

When they asked me if I'd shoot their wedding I jumped up and down and squealed a lot. I've known Kate since I was ridiculously small.... distinctly remember several play dates involving My Little Pony. Enough said. We rediscovered each other only a couple of years ago - she owns a kick-ass marketing company http://www.kewmarketing.com/ and needed some head shots. The rest is, as they say, fizz-soaked history.

Arrived at Kate's papa's lovely, light-filled house on the morning of the big day to find everyone chilling with bubbles and getting dolled up. Fell completely in love with Kate's little nieces (you'll see shots). I do love getting ready time... calm / frantic / insane. It's always different. It's always fun.

Gorgeous and super-touching ceremony (they got told off for snogging before it had even started) at St Albans Registry Office. Lots of smiles and tears. It's hard as a photographer when you're welling up too and can't spare a hand to dry your eyes (happens often). Worse though when you're crying with laughter and nearly drop the camera (also happens often - which is why I love my job!)... Registrars always (and it must be said, very sweetly) give a similar spiel when they hand over the marriage certificate... it goes to the person in charge (the bride) - then she hands it over to the 'most responsible' (or somesuch variation) man in her life... which is normally the groom. Except that this time the bride didn't even pause to think, and handed it straight to her papa. How sweet??? Cue total collapse and hysteria of entire room. You'll see the shots where it happened.

After dodging the raindrops we all zoomed over to Kimpton Memorial Hall. Group photos when it keeps raining ain't easy.

Sun shines.

"Everybody out!"

Drizzle starts

"Argh! Everyone in!"

Repeat ad infinitum...

The happy couple had outdone themselves with tons of beautiful handmade decorations. And... wow... a cake table. Not content with one cake, Kate had baked her own, they'd invited a round dozen of bakers to present their wares for the guests' delectation. Dessert time was treat time is all I can say.

Kate and Liam, you're the most amazing and together pair. You were obviously always destined for one another and I'm so happy to be part of your life - and I can't wait to see what crazy stuff you get up to next! 

Here are a few of my favourite shots from the day...


Kate Howley(non-registered)
7 weeks on and it's soooo lovely to look back at the photos. Even more so that Sas, whatever photo you take you always manage to capture the emotion and 'the moment' perfectly.
Thank you for being an amazing photographer and making our wedding shots so brilliant. Can't wait to do the album so I can look through and remind ourselves of our special day.
Peter Warr(non-registered)
Sas, I have to say that you helped to make the day as special as it was, your professionalism and artistry shone through at all times and encapsulated every aspect. Added to all of that was the fact that it was fun!

Thank for all you achieved that day,

Very best wishes,

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