I lost my heart to photography whilst wandering through South America a few years back, and rapidly became addicted to seeking out and capturing moments of strength, beauty and emotion.

I love people, I love photography and to combine the two is a delight. I tell stories through pictures. I aim to bring out the best in every person and help them to shine.

I bring a relaxed, informal and fun approach to my work. Having your picture taken should be a pleasure, not a pain! You should still be smiling at the photos in later years - and at the memory of when they were taken.

I specialise in portraiture, weddings and events. I operate with a blend of reportage and traditional photography according to each client’s requirements. The experience is about “making” and “taking” photos, about catching people in a moment, about capturing the essence, about capturing the spirit.

I love what I do. I’d love to share it with you.