Kris + Katharine // Cromer Beach // Mariposa Photography

June 26, 2016
I've been beyond bad at blogging this past year, what with the flat renovation that seems to have gone on and on. But I have stirred myself to tell you about a wedding I...
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Jenny + Michael // Suma Park, Victoria // Mariposa Photography - Part 2

February 04, 2015
I won't burden you with more words for the 2nd part of this blog... if you've read the first part then you'll know that in December I shot my beautiful sister Jenny marry...
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Jenny + Michael // Suma Park, Victoria // Mariposa Photography - Part 1

February 03, 2015
I don't think there can possibly be a prouder moment in a girl's life than to watch her little sister float down the aisle in acres of white lace to marry the best guy in...
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Walkman wedding!

January 02, 2015
I met Chris and Lou a couple of years back at a big winter house party in the Highlands. It was predictably sub zero outside so we all equally predictably stayed inside,...
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Autumn shoot with two awesome little buttons!

November 05, 2014
Sometimes everything just comes together: the air is crisp but not too cold, the afternoon sunlight is just the right strength and colour, the leaves crackle underfoot an...
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Levitation photography and gratuitous balloons - a tutorial

August 25, 2014
I confess to being slightly addicted to levitation photography lately. I had a bash in Southwold and ended up with my models looking like they could leap 10 feet from a s...
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Kate and Liam's wedding in Kimpton

August 02, 2014
Kate met Liam in a bar almost exactly two years ago. It became obvious within a few weeks that here was someone pretty special - the big, handsome manly guy we all dream...
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Ella & Matt's Brighton Wedding (complete with aerobatics display)

July 29, 2014
It's not unusual for a papa to contribute generously to make his beloved daughter's big day a really special one, but this was the first time I've been given as a present...
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Au revoir my dear friends!!

July 28, 2014
My all-time favourite mini model Isabel (if you follow my shoots even a very little you'll have seen her) and her family (who I count among my dearest friends in the worl...
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Chris and Louise's Edinburgh Engagement Shoot

June 01, 2014
I met Chris and Lou a little over a year ago now, at a big house party up up up north in snowy Scotland. Instant, massive click. Hours of gasbagging... and by the time we...
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Dawn at Southwold #2

May 28, 2014
If you read then you'll know that I broke a habit of a lifetime and staggered out of bed at 4.30am on the Mayday bank ho...
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Eliza's First Birthday shoot

May 26, 2014
My little almost-niece Eliza (who is to me always and forever going to be Dribble due to her predilection for chewing on my shoulder while long strands of drool slide off...
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Roadtrip to Southwold and some shots in the freezing Spring dawn

May 25, 2014
May every Sunrise Hold more Promise And every Sunset Hold more peace With the hurly-burly of modern life and all its excitements and challenges, it's less often...
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Jenny-Red, some literary adventures and a beautiful bump

April 14, 2014
A couple of weekends ago I went to visit a very old and dear friend of mine who lives in the beautiful countryside in the surrounds of Newcastle. A couple of months ago,...
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Photo-a-Day Challenge - March 2014

March 31, 2014
A couple of years back I undertook a 365 challenge - one photo, every day, of something. Had a lot of fun... but felt quite exhausted with the effort of constantly thinki...
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