London Lights 1

March 21, 2014
People ask me all the time what I shoot. I say people. They ask why. I say because I really really like people. I like the way I can use my own energy to wake up their en...
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Andrew and Rachel's wedding in Bonny Scotland!

February 13, 2014
When my old friend Toadfish (Andrew to anyone who didn't skull innumerable pints with him at the student's union) called me up and asked me to shoot his and Rachel's marr...
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Merry Christmas from Mariposa!

December 24, 2013
There's something about telling a kid they're going to be your special sparkly Christmas tree that makes them go all spiffy! Here are a few of my favourite little tinkers...
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Christina, Adrian and a very cute little monkey - Family Photography in London Town

November 04, 2013
When Christina and Adrian got in touch to ask me to join them and their wee boy Rhys in a stroll around Leadenhall Market and its environs I was pretty excited - they're...
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Shoot with Dee on Brick Lane

October 19, 2013
I met Dee a while back at a party (she's the sister of a friend of mine), and I think within 10 minutes (generous estimate) I'd begged her to model for me. We eventually...
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Katie and Danny's bump shoot

October 16, 2013
I DO love bump shoots! When a girl's expecting her first bambino it's a really special time for her and her fella... they're excited, they're scared, they're wondering wh...
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Judith's birthday polo match!

September 29, 2013
To celebrate turning the big 4-0, lovely Judith invited a host of friends and family from what seemed like all four corners of Europe to join her at Fifield Polo Club dow...
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Dreaming Spires

September 12, 2013
My sister Jenny and her fella Michael have been over in the UK for a month, visiting from Melbourne. A couple of weeks ago they evinced a strong desire to go to Oxford to...
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Millie and Jamie's country wedding - and what happens when you paint with sparklers!

September 11, 2013
Millie and Jamie are the sweetest couple! We did an engagement shoot together earlier this summer and they're just a dream to work with as they're up for anything... and...
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Jenny & Michael - engagement shoot #1

August 24, 2013
Jenny's my little sister. Not so little any more (we don't talk about that though as I stopped aging at 27 in my head). She lives in Melbourne and has done so for best pa...
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Ana, Kev, two little monkeys and a lot of BUBBLES

August 09, 2013
On Saturday, lovely Ana and Kev loaded up their gorgeous little monkeys, Ethan and Rory, into the back of the car, along with toys, frisbees and biscuits (never ever unde...
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Lin and Pete's 35th Anniversary

July 29, 2013
Since she was little, Linda has had fond (!) memories of being teased and tormented by her older cousins Robert and Raymond (the latter being my dear papa). So when she d...
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Elizabeth and Michael's wedding at Gorton Monastery, Manchester

July 24, 2013
Last week I met up with Elizabeth and Michael in St James' in London for a pre-wedding shoot, this weekend (no time wasted here!) I jump on the train to Manchester to sho...
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Oscar's nearly 1!

July 19, 2013
When I got Oscar's Christening invitation through from Amy and Jack I thought HURRAH! And then I looked at the date and realised, sausages, I'm going to be in Andalucía....
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Meet little Tom - very very new!

July 17, 2013
If you've been following my work for any length of time you'll know that my most regular young model is Miss Isabel, who is now a whole 3 and a half. She's an absolute de...
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